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[Al-Yaum 2] When You’ll Say I Love You?

It’s all about me and it. Just a little story, but too enough to make me dizzy.

All my story about it began right after my coming to this boarding school. So easy to forget it’s vocabulary. Why? I think it’s so difficult to learn. Uuughh.

So, what is it, you think?

Yeah, it’s an Arabic.

One of the language which must use by all of student here (and another language is English, I think English is easier than Arabic).

I just want one thing from myself : Say that I Love Arabic sooooo muuuchh . But… it’s really difficult. And I don’t know why .

When I will say that words? Oh, God.

Should I think that Arabic is the language of Islam. The language of The Holy Quran. Our prophet’s (Muhammad SAW, peace be upon him) language. The language which is use in hereafter (said who? i’m forget. CMIIW). Why don’t I proud of it and try to love it? And why I don’t learn Arabic sincerely from that time? Uhhh. I say once more : I DON’T KNOW.

Oh, God.

I just want it.

I need myself to say : I Love You, Arabic .

But… when?

**maaf kalo bahasa inggrisku ancur-ancuran. maaf banget kalo setelah ini pembaca kecewa. tapi asli, murni, ini aku ga pake bantuan translator. suer deh. bagi pembaca yang ngerasa kalo ada yang salah di tulisanku ini (bahasanya) mohon kritiknya yaaa~ gapapalah dihina-dina, kan buat perbaikan bahasaku ntar, hohoho. BSJSS (Betulkan Saya Jika Saya Salah–pen).


2 responses

  1. you wrote the story about what the heck, I’m confused..?? 🙄

    January 25, 2011 at 13:39

    • intinya, kapan kamu bilang i love you? (kamu disini maksudnya aku)
      ini ceritanya aku bingung, kapan ya aku bisa bilang “aku cinta bahasa arab” …

      January 25, 2011 at 19:37

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